Komon Company Profile

         Zhong shan KOMON Optoelectronics  Technology Co.,Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the research and development,production ,sales ,technical support ,and service of LED lighting products .It has gathered a group of excellent management and technical development talents and is continuously  accelerating the pace of technological innovation ,introducing modern management mechanisms.Strengthen internal management and provide comprehensive training for enterprise employees;Inheriting external experience,actively exploring,advocating innovation,and ensuring the leading position of high-tech in the industry.The main products of the company include:LED projection light ,LED street light,LED tunnel light ,LED wall washing light ,LED  line light,,LED pixel strip,LED underwater light,LED buried light,LED floor lamp,LED mining light , LED fence light ,LED corrugated light,LED window lamp,LED light guide plate ,LED outdoor wall light,LED soft light strip,LED point light source,solar street lamp garden light ,lawn light ,Chinese knotting&lantern and other series of products. It can be applied to various lighting environments such as  outdoor lighting ,projection ,contour ,waterscape lighting ,roads and bridges,entertainment venues,etc. Excellent system development  and service capabilites can meet different customers'choices  of light  and color for any  scene.
Our rich experience in LED lighting product manufacturing ,strong driving circuit design
capabilities ,unique  appearance and structure design capabilities continuous improvement of quality ,and ability to quickly respond to market demand can provide customers with comprehensive LED lighting solutions ,comprehensive after-sales senvice and technical support ,which is our strong confidence in establishing a strategic partnership with customers.Efficient work and high-quality products meet customers‘ different  visions ,and have grown into a mainstream supplier of LED lighting products in the market.
Our Advantages
1  Economies of scale:Lighting fixture factories typically have larger prouction capacities ,allowing for economies of scale,which result in lower production costs and higher production efficency.
2  Echnological expertise :Lighting fixture factories often have dedicated research and  development teams and skilled technicians,enabling continuous technological innovation and product upgrades to provide advanced and high-quality products.
3 Quality control:Lighting fixture factories implement strict quality management systems ensuring consistent product quality from raw material procurement to finished product inspection,meeting standard requirements.
4  Cost advantages:Lighting fixture factories can reduce production costs through in-house production ,procurement  advantages,and effective supply chain management ,pricing advantages in the market competition.
5 Customization capability:Lighting fixture factories can undertake customized production based on customer demands ,meeting  specific requirements and providing personalized products and services.
6 Rapid response capability:Lighting fixture factories possess strong production capacities and quick response capabilities,enabling them to promptly adapt  to market demand changes and provide timely products and services.
In summary ,with their advantages in scale,technology,quality control,cost ,customization,and rapid response capabilities ,lighting fixture factories can offer high -quality,cost-effective products to meet market needs.

Innovation-driven development
Introduced several innovative LED lighting products, obtaining multiple domestic and international patents and honors.
KOMON Lighting was established, specializing in the research, development, production, and sales of LED lighting products.
Famous brands
Through continuous technological innovation and market expansion, Kemeng Lighting has achieved remarkable success in the LED lighting industry and has become a well-known brand in both domestic and international lighting industries.
Development period
Successfully entered the international market and began exporting LED lighting products overseas.
Development of KOMON Company
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